Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A day of Vegan

I didn't mean to plan it this way at all, but today's three meals consisted of all vegan ingredients, even taking into consideration my morning coffee which I put soymilk in.

Two days ago I cooked a couple cups of kidney beans, and they were featured in a couple different ways today. Considering how fast I've been going through them, I should have prepared more.

Breakfast today was rolled oat porridge/oatmeal with dried cranberries.

Today's lunch was a bean salad with homemade salsa fresca.

Dinner was thrown together pretty quick as I got home a bit late from work. This dish was sort of a creative way of combining a couple of side dishes - Mashed Kidney Beans served over a toasted pita with a side of sauteed zucchini and greens. A take on the Tostada, the mashed beans were topped with lemon zest and chopped fresh parsley. Pretty tasty, although next time I will be certain not to slice the zucchini so thin, as the olive oil and garlic saute came close to wearing through the vegetables.

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