Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday recap

Today's breakfast was quick and a bit of a repeat from earlier this week - Porridge with chopped nuts. With a good variation of chopped dried fruit, nuts, or other counterpart this dish can be served several times a week without becoming routine or rote.

Lunch consisted of a bean salad with greens and homemade salsa, a clever arrangement of leftovers from last nights bean burritos.

Friday night's dinner of braised vegetables over wheat bulghur was a real treat considering the doubts I had as this was simmering. Bacon aside (which is pretty important to this dish), this dish was a savory near vegan wonder consisting of little else than grains, vegetables, aromatics and cooking liquid. With a long enough simmer (I gave it 30 minutes) the vegetables turn into wonderful fall apart in your mouth stuff and not the mushy mess I feared when I plated this one.

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